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Long Term Care

 Modern, comprehensive long term care insurance policies cover care in most settings, and the policy definitions are relatively uniform for nursing home and assisted living facility care.  However, there can be significant differences among contracts and insurers for how home-based care is covered.  Here are some thoughts to keep in mind: 


  • Some policies require that home care workers be licensed, others do not; 
  • Some policies require that a home care worker be hired through a licensed agency, others do not; 
  • Many policies will not pay for an insured to hire a family member (sometimes exceptions are made if they are hired through an agency); 
  • Many policies either exclude or limit benefits for any care received outside of the United States; 
  • Advances in home care technology, such as robotic assistants, automated medication management, movement sensors, and remote observation by professional monitoring services, may not be addressed in a policy.  These types of expenses may be eligible to be covered under a variety of policy benefits, from respite care, to home modification benefits, to an agreed upon alternate plan of care. 


When considering the purchase of long term care insurance, if you would like to remain in your home when you need care, be sure to understand what type of home-based care a policy will or will not cover.

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